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Slide asks 'Do you have a head for heights?'
Slide asks 'Do you have a head for heights?'

Screenshot from an interactive flowchart where the user is asked questions and then presented with a wartime job that matches their preferences. Created for a pop-up exhibition on Women, Work and War for Leeds Museums and Galleries. Created using design elements from the exhibition with graphics and layout design designed to match.

Title reads " Bus or Tram Conductor" and screen has a black and white photograph of a man and a women standing at the front of a tram, with information to the side.

Screenshot from an interactive designed for a pop-up exhibition. Players answer questions to do with their family situation, values and interests and are presented with a war job that reflects their preferences.

A wreath made up from different insects, including a butterfly, a moth, jewel bugs, flower beetles and leaf beetles.

Screenshot for a simple interactive designed for the 'Life on Earth' gallery at Leeds City Museum.

Photo of a leaf butterfly - a butterfly that looks just like a dead, brown leaf, alongside some information about it.

Screenshot from a simple interactive designed for the 'Life on Earth' gallery in Leeds City Museum.

Nine keyholes each with a different animal home in them are arranged around a circle. In the circle is the question "Who built each home?"

Screenshot of an interactive quiz created for a temporary exhibition at Leeds Museums and Galleries. Design followed exhibition colours.

Slide with the title 'Which Ancient Egyptian god protected the stomach? and an image of the bottom half of a canopic jar with a picture of a stomach on it. In each corner is one of the four heads of the gods, Duamatef, Hapy, Imsety and Qebehsenuf.

Screenshot from an interactive designed for classroom use and hosted on Graphic approach uses images of real historical artefacts and the My Learning branding.

Using Powerpoint, I have designed and developed a range of touchscreen interactives, both for use in school  classrooms, and for installation  in Leeds Museums public galleries. 

For in-gallery interactives, I follow the graphic design style of each individual exhibition, and work closely with curators, ensuring that the digital element fits seamlessly into the display.  Creating these in-house has enabled curators to sidestep the usual associated prohibitive cost , and include a digital interactive element in their exhibitions.  It also has the added benefit of immediate, on-site trouble-shooting  if there are any issues, and with digital, as with any exhibition content, there is always a snag or two!

For examples, you can download the following interactives designed for classroom use:

Which War Job is For You? (Women Work and War)

Ancient Egyptian Canopic Jar Quiz


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