Rabbit Hunt – A Hop Through Online Museum Collections

To celebrate Easter 2017, I decided to explore some of the online collections published by museums. As I am interested in re-using content, I tend to gravitate towards those institutions who open up their digitized collections for this purpose.

Rather than hunting for coloured eggs left behind by the Easter Bunny, I instead looked for the bunny itself, searching museum catalogues for interesting artefacts featuring rabbits or hares.

Below are just five of the fascinating objects I found, chosen to reflect a variety of cultures and a range of media.

Infographic showing five different rabbit themed objects from museum collections, a Cambodian pot, a British textile print, an Ancient Egyptian amulet , a Dutch print and a Japanese netsuke.

Online catalogues used

The Brooklyn Museum

The Met Museum

The Rijksmuseum

The Science Museum Group

The Victoria & Albert Museum

Other relevant blog posts

Click here to read a short blog post about creating mash-ups using open source assets from online museum collections.  Includes images and a gif created using designs from William Morris and art from Vincent van Gogh.

About Izzy Bartley

A freelance Heritage Education and Interpretation Consultant with 12 years teaching experience, Izzy gained a Distinction for her Masters degree in Cultural Heritage Management, winning the York Civic Trust Education prize for her dissertation, which focused on using the internet and digital media to explore stored museum collections.

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