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Two women in partial traditionaly dress walk past a highly decorated shopfront in Paro, Bhutan

My career path has taken many interesting turns, from teaching on a converted rice barge on the river in Bangkok, to a classroom in Kent. From leading multi-day cultural and adventure trips in tropical Northern Thailand, to doing the same in the Nuban desert of Sudan.  Running through all my experiences is an interest in history, heritage and culture.

I originally set up Firefly Heritage as a freelance independent consultant, and split my time between this and part-time positions in heritage based organisations.  I am now working full time at Leeds Museums and Galleries as the Digital Learning Officer.

My role at Leeds comprises of two main responsibilities; firstly I manage My Learning, a website that hosts free learning resources from arts, cultural and heritage organisations from across England.  Secondly, I am developing the digital interpretation across our nine sites, either through creating content myself, or by liaising with commercial designers.  I also create and run digital making workshops linked to our amazing museums collections, using Micro:Bits and Raspberry Pi.

This website showcases some of my work, both past and present, hosts my (irregular) blogpost musings and provides a space for digital projects I create for fun in my spare time.

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