Izzy Bartley – Heritage Education and Interpretation

Currently working full time as the Digital Learning Officer for Leeds Museums and Galleries, this website shows a portfolio of past work as a freelance Heritage Education and Interpretation Consultant, personal projects carried out just for fun, and my blog.


My background

My career path has taken many interesting turns. From teaching on an 80 year old converted rice barge on the river in Bangkok, to a classroom in Kent, from leading multi-day cultural and adventure trips in tropical Northern Thailand, to doing the same in the deserts of Sudan, an interest in history, heritage and culture has shaped my choices both in my personal and professional life.

I originally set up Firefly Heritage as a freelance independent consultant, and split my time between this and part-time positions in heritage based organisations, before moving to work full time at Leeds Museums and Galleries as the Digital Learning Officer.

An artistic image of two birds, facing each other.

Latest News…

My blog post focusing on how archaeobotany is revealing facets of Neolithic life at Ҫatalhöyük has just been published on the official Ҫatalhöyük  Research Project website.  You can check it out here.